Kingdom of Mazowsze

Capitol: Masovia
Ruler: Casimir III The Bold (b. 550)

Mazowsze is a combination of cosmopolitan bustling walled cities and sleepy agrarian communities, both finally recovering from the devastation of the Ordenstaat’s Crusade.

A sense of pride and nationalistic feeling pervades the nobility, who feel they deserve to be richly rewarded in the victorious peace they fought so hard to win. Perhaps some of them feel a pang of conscience as they jockey to replace Casimir III The Bold, said to be ailing still after his serious wound four years ago sustained in his triumphant victory at Biała Rzeka, but isn’t it their right? The Sejm of All Nobles has always elected the new king, and until Casimir dies and his successor is crowned, the Sejm is paralyzed by petty arguments.

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Kingdom of Mazowsze

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