Masovia is the capitol of Mazowsze, and the second-largest city in the east, after only Mystras, the capital of the Palaiologian Empire, with a population of about 100,000 people. At the center of the city is the Wzgórze Króla, the King’s Hill, home to both the royal palace and the fortress-like Palace of the Sejm, where the parliament of the nobles meets to deliberate.

During the early part of the Mazowsze Crusade, the Ordenstaat advanced as far as the city’s northern walls and laid siege to it, but were never able to fully encircle it. By 590, the siege was lifted after the bloody Battle of Złamane Serce, which forced the Templar army to slowly withdraw northwards. Nobles who continued to attend the Sejm during the siege regard themselves as being somewhat superior to those who awaited the lifting of the siege to return to deliberations in the Sejm.

The city’s constabulary is paid partly out of the Royal Purse, by the King, and partly by the tolls and fees levied against nobles attending the Sejm and residing in the city. Since neither the king nor the Sejm would prefer a city guard loyal only to the other party, both general pay in at the same level, and since the Royal Purse is far from infinite, it behooves the king to keep the Sejm in session.

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