A standard GURPS convention is to express prices in dollars ($), but since that can be kind of immersion-breaking, here’s a short listing of some of the forms money takes in the game. The basic unit of value is a single silver coin of about 3.5 grams, which if it were pure silver in 2019 America would be worth about $1.75. Since in practice silver coinage is heavily debased, the in-game value is $1 for our purposes.

Currency for all of the eastern nations (as it was, historically, for most European countries in the 14th century) is readily transferable from country to country in the east. Additionally, a reasonably functional and robust banking system undergirds the continental economy, centered largely in the Freistaat.

As a point of comparison, a skilled laborer can reasonably expect to make about $240 in a year, supporting his family on 200 pennies a month.

Coin types by nation, and their dollar values:

Palaiologian Empire:

  • Stavraton ($1), a 3.5-gram silver coin also issued in halves ($0.50), eighths ($0.12), and sixteenths ($0.06). (130 coins or $130 to the pound)
  • Septagram ($2), a 7-gram silver coin. (65 coins or $130 to the pound)
  • Solidus ($20), a 4.5-gram gold coin. (101 coins or $2,020 to the pound)

Reichsstände, Ordensstaat, and Freistaat

  • Kreutzer ($1), a 3.5-gram silver coin, can be broken into four schillings, each worth $0.25. (130 coins or $130 to the pound)
  • Groschen ($1), a 3.5-gram silver coin used in the Freistaat. (130 coins or $130 to the pound)
  • Thaler ($4) a 14-gram silver coin, (32 coins or $128 to the pound)
  • Gulden ($60), a 14-gram gold coin. (60 coins or $1,920 to the pound)


  • Grosz ($1), a 3.5-gram silver coin (130 coins or $130 to the pound)
  • Zlot ($8.50), a 2-gram gold coin (227 or $1,929.50 to the pound)
  • Grzywna ($60), a 210-gram silver ingot, shaped like a long slender wedge. (Two coins or $120 to the pound)

The humble penny, or pfennig, or nummus, also exists for all nations: a small copper coin worth $0.01 and weighing about a gram (454 coins or $4.54 to a pound).

Older currencies, left over from the elves and dwarves, are sometimes found. These long-dead elder races seem to have prized gold and silver primarily for decorative purposes, however, rather than a formal system of currency.


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